Common Questions


1) What is a “My Provider Finder”?

My Provider Finder (MPF) is an automated (smart) search engine, offering users the ability to simply, and accurately, find NDIS service providers, from all the various support categories, Australia wide. The My Provider Finder website has no affiliation with neither the NDIS, nor any government body that manages NDIS recipients or services.

  • All data on this site has been generated from one of two supply chains:
  • Generated by members
  • Generated automatically by information obtained through various online sources.


2) Why is my business listed with incorrect business / contact details?

As mentioned above, some data is generated automatically through online sources. On occasion, inaccurate or stale information may not have been filtered out or updated.


3) How do I update my business /contact details?

The most effective way to guarantee your information is up to date, is to ensure your digital footprint is also up to date. Website details, email and other contact information, social media platforms, anywhere you would expect to find your business information displayed, should be updated, and checked.

By doing this, our website should, over time, be able to organically update your information, through our own data information cross-checking.

However, to ensure both speed and accuracy, your business listing can be correctly displayed/updated by purchasing one of our listing packages. Not only will your information be instantly updated, but you will also have the resource through which to actively manage your business listing. To do this, you will need to create an account, after which you can simply go to your business profile page and click the “Claim Listing” button.

If you would like your business data to be removed, please fill in the enquiry form below these questions. Please ensure you complete all required information, as any request for removal, with insufficient information, is likely to result in the status quo remaining, per our policy and software, designed to protect you from unauthorised changes to your account.


4) What are the benefits of claiming an existing listing?

Claiming your business listing will give you the ability to actively manage your listing, thus allowing you to update your business/contact details and add new/additional information, for the benefit of NDIS participants using our smart search engine.

You can select from a range of packages, offering added features such as:

  • Search display priority.
  • Ability to add logos, photos, descriptions, helping your listing to stand out.
  • Some packages offer business registration under multiple support categories, thus increasing your audience and market-share.
  • You can view the available business category listing packages here:


5) How do I claim my listing?

The steps to claim a listing are: –

  1. Start by creating an account/sign in HERE:
  2. Locate your business profile via the search engine:
  • From your Business Profile Page, click on the “Claim Listing” button.
  1. Choose how you would like to claim your business.
  2. Via the claim page you can see all options included with each package.
  3. Compare and choose the option that best suits your needs.
  • If you’re still unsure, use our CONTACT US page for assistance and guidance.


6) How do I get preferred rankings on the site?

Preferred rankings are obtained by first holding either a Featured or Platinum listing.

The Featured and Platinum listings allow you to add a business description, logo, cover image, gallery images, links to social media and much more. You also have a verified or featured badge shown next to your business name.

In your Business Description you can add keywords and links that will also help search engines find your business. This is invaluable for any business focused on improving their SEO rankings on Google.


  • NDIS participants are three times more likely to use an online business locator service before contacting an NDIS service provider.
  • Featured or Platinum listings receive significantly more leads as they are boosted to the top of search engine results and stand out more with a logo/cover image and description.
  • Platinum listings also allow you to list your business under multiple support categories.


7) I edited my business listing, but the details have been changed, why?

Listings that are being actively managed by users (claimed listings etc.), but that also may contain misleading information, will be automatically edited. Additionally, any listing in breach of our Terms & Conditions may also be removed from our site.

Another reason you may be having an issue with updates is conflicting information, often resulting from not updating your ABN registration. Please ensure your details accurately match your business ABN details/information.

If your business is already listed on our website and you would like to update your details, please do not create another listing. Duplicate or triplicate listings, aside from creating more work for you, are also counterproductive. By using the approved format and locating your existing business listing via “SEARCH” then clicking on the “Claim Listing” button, you will be able to update your business details.


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